Title Description Namesake Airdate Rating
The Hero Theo and Nova are drafted into a battle against hybrid criminals terrorizing their city. The Hero! 1/1/16 TV-PG
Working on the Railroad Theo and Nova learn of the strange Zodiac Organization, and are sent to stop an operation of theirs involving a nearby train station. I've Been Working On The Railroad 1/8/16 TV-PG
The Rainbow Connection Theo gets stuck as Over The Rainbow after not being able to figure out how its abilities work. Problems ensue. The Rainbow Connection 1/15/16 TV-PG
Lullaby Kids keep disappearing without a trace, and nobody seems to remember their existence in the first place. Theo and Nova are sent to investigate, but receive some unexpected help. Lullaby 1/22/16 TV-PG
Mad World Theo wakes up in a world where nothing makes sense, and the only person around to help him doesn't seem to be of much help at all. Mad World 1/29/16 TV-PG
Not Yours Orion and Scorpio have a talk as Theo and Nova deal with a hostile classmate. I Am Not Yours TBA TV-14 Fire and the Flames People keep exploding into flames, prompting Theo, Nova, and an unlikely ally into action. Through the Fire and Flames 2/5/16 TV-14
Darkness, My Old Friend An ancient evil is freed from the Antarctic ice and sets out to finish what its master started. The Sound of Silence 2/12/16 TV-14
Uptown Funk The ultimate sale turns into the ultimate scare as a mall is turned into the playing grounds of a deranged lunatic. Uptown Funk 2/23/16 TV-14
Stairway to Heaven Deaths keep happening all over the city, and without Alpha there to help, Theo's chances of stopping this madness seem grim. Stairway to Heaven 2/29/16 TV-14
Gloomy Sunday Theo and Nova take shelter from a heavy rainstorm and happen to encounter members of the Zodiac Organization. Hijinks ensue. Gloomy Sunday 3/7/16 TV-PG
Under the Sea A research station at the bottom of the Marianas Trench falls under attack by an enemy long since thought dead. Under The Sea 3/14/16 TV-14
Nikopol A monster from beneath the sea has risen, and is out to take revenge upon humanity. Wide-scale destruction seems inevitable and all hope appears to be lost. The requiem begins here. Nikopol 3/21/16 TV-14

Title Description Namesake Airdate Rating
Time 21 When Aeron escapes custody, it's up to Theo to track him down. Meanwhile, Alpha is having Nova assemble a makeshift Plumber team. Time Xxi 5/16/2016 TV-14
Window Shopper: Part 1 Aeron gets involved in a kidnapping case as the Plumber team goes to investigate a suspicious mining operation. Window Shopper 7/8/16 TV-14
Window Shopper: Part 2 Theo confronts an odd candy shop owner. Meanwhile, Swarm 2 seems to be malfunctioning in the middle of a mission. Window Shopper 7/8/16 TV-14
Blood and the Moon: Part 1 Moranna's past comes back to haunt her in more ways than one. Blood and the Moon 7/18/16 TV-14
Blood and the Moon: Part 2 The remnants of the infamous Assassin's Guild are out for blood. Blood and the Moon 7/18/16 TV-14
Generations of Men: Part 1 Prelude is recruited by a mysterious person with an unclear agenda. Meanwhile, Theo and Isaac are having a disagreement about Theo's actions. The Generations of Men 8/7/16 TV-14
Generations of Men: Part 2 The battle against Prelude quickly goes downhill. Perhaps some help from an old friend is required... The Generations of Men 8/8/16 TV-14
Fire and Ice Malincious Crow escapes from prison and sets about getting revenge. Fire and Ice 8/7/16 TV-14
Libera Me From Hell A demonic force rises and all hope seems lost. Libera Me From Hell 11/16/17 TV-14
Deaths and Entrances Orion's plan moves into its final phase. Deaths and Entrances 9/22/16 TV-14
If: Part 1 It's funny how things come full-circle, don't you think? If 9/23/16 TV-MA
If: Part 2 The final battle of ideals. If 9/23/16 TV-14

Title Description Namesake Airdate Rating
Tech 10: Star Legacy Everything comes together in the final battle for the future of Earth-83. N/A TBA TV-14